Transfer Services

Universities will be holding one-on-one transfer admissions appointments at ACC’s Career 和 Transfer Center. 参观 University Transfer Events calendar to schedule an appointment with Texas A&M, DePaul, Texas Tech, Texas A&M Central Texas, Texas State University, or Concordia University.

Your Transfer Journey Starts Now

Transferring from ACC to a four-year university is a popular path to a bachelor’s degree.

Students can build a solid academic foundation 和 save on the cost of college by starting at ACC. ACC提供了 university transfer/core curriculum 选择 associate degrees, many designed specifically for students who want to transfer 和 apply ACC credits toward a bachelor’s degree at another institution. Utilize the wealth of support services 和 resources available to help you meet your transfer goals!

Identify transfer goals & take the right classes

顾问 和 Transfer Specialists can help you determine the best path to complete your associate degree, transfer successfully, 和 meet your educational goals.

顾问 can help you select the right courses that will transfer, apply to your future bachelor’s degree, 和 satisfy your ACC 和 university degree requirements. Transfer Specialists can help you explore transfer destinations, identify admissions requirements, 和 assist with your university application. If transferring is part of your plan, we recommend you start planning early.

Not sure what transfer destination is right for you?

Exploration 和 research are an important part of transfer planning, 和 we are here to help! ACC offers resources like the Transfer Research Worksheet to help guide the research you do on transfer schoolsTransfer 101 Blackboard Extension which you can sign up for by filling out his form.

Stay informed 和 motivated by attending Transfer Essentials Workshops, participating in transfer events,meeting with university recruiters on campus or 几乎. You can also explore helpful transfer resources to assist in identifying a transfer destination that is the right fit for you.

Make your time at ACC count!

Track your progress toward your bachelor’s degree by following your university’s admissions criteria 和 using 传输指南 to ensure you are taking the right courses that will transfer 和 apply to your future degree.

Transferring IN to ACC?

Have you previously attended another institution 和 want to attend ACC?

Learn about the application process 和 find out how your credits will transfer to ACC by visiting our Transfer to ACC page.

Transferring OUT of ACC?

Have you been accepted to a 4-year institution? Share your transfer news with us by filling out the “I’m Transferring!” form. Order an ACC Transcript to be sent to your future institution. Transferring before earning your associate degree? You may qualify for reverse transfer. Find out more on the Reverse Transfer 网站.

University Representatives 

Interested in tabling at any of our campuses? 完成 On-Campus Recruiting Request Form 至少 两个星期 before your intended visit.

Contact Renee Esparza at [email protected] or Marisa Rodriguez Serrano at [email protected] if you want to discuss other ways to connect with our students, 有问题, or want us to add your event to our University Transfer Events calendar.